The Tape Projects


Collecting something ends up with trowing it away because of its unusability. When collecting a material, while still treating it that way, it will give a incessant changeable collection. Emerging out of this idea, 200 various rolls of tape where brought together. This industrial material that has been used for many years to fix, connect and hide things. In this project tape it used out of its ordinary context. 
The tape projects examine how tape is differing in specifications, or in which way the material reveals itself in an artistic context through printmaking.

Each roll of tape also has its own number. The title of the following works are often linked to the tape used in the image. The collection is digitally listed in a personal archive with all their features. Together they where the center of a fictional museum of tape (MOT), with the purpose of bringing artists into the museum to use the collection, so tape became an art object instead of a material.




(tape) number 9

23 prints, 2 series
1 print, 32cm x 96 cm
Monoprint on paper


Comparing 9 (tape) numbers

9 Prints, 1 serie
1 print, 50cm x 50 cm
Printing ink on paper


(tape) number 124

20cm x 30 cm
Golden tape on wood