Sculptural flatness


In 2017 Flore mainly focused on plastic objects due to her move to Munich, where she had to buy everything new. After a while she noticed that the plastic bag is a daily life tool that every human being is using for multiple purposes, and also she herself was surrounded by these carriers.

A bag comes in life as a flat plastic surface until the moment that the customer starts using this tool. While it gets filled up, it is growing on folds, wrinkles and cracks. This is where the beauty of it is based, in the aging of a material. It can never go back to its original state: unharmed and flat.

In this series of 5 prints, she started researching what kind of interesting forms a plastic bag can create. Through sculpting the bag into a shape with her hands, she printed it onto the flat surface of the paper. The abstract prints are supported by a fictional shadow created by her hand, to transform the flat image into the illusion of a sculpture and also to restore its volume, as if it is filled with something. This two dimensional move towards a sculpture is bringing the abstract shape back towards the space of the paper and also back into the air, where it is filling itself with most of the times.

It was a constant construction and destruction of the collaboration of the air and the bag. This within the printing process, and bringing the bag into a shape, crackle the bags, drawing the shadow, and so on, until this series was showing several movements of one simple plastic bag as an empty object.






Sculptural flatness

5 prints
1 print, 45 cm x 65 cm
Monoprint on paper