Famous waste


Nowadays waste could be seen as famous. We do not adore trash but it is presented to us in the newspapers, tv, social media and so on. Here we have a matter of bad fame instead of glorifying it. We get to be seen their ugly side and side-effect they leave us. All is true, but how about the beauty in their broken and messed up shape?

After consuming the product, we smash or crumble the packaging until it enters the waste bin. It will disappear without any thoughts about their appearance.

Famous waste is trying to show these lost objects again by molding plastic bottles. By overreacting in presentation, through a reference towards the historical busts of famous people, these objects become instantly important. Although art is always created to be looked at, waste presented in art is quickly more 'beautifull', here the focus lies directly onto its presentation. By turning the captions on the pedestals to different directions, visitors have to walk between the sculptures to read them. This way, all sides from the bottles can be seen, so their view is absorbing the beauty of all sides.

Although these only show a few casted plastic bottles, Flore is trying to show her adoration for materials and forgotten or invisible objects in general. If these bottles can carry the importance of an artwork, what else do we overlook in our daily lives?

'Famous waste' was made for the exhibition of Tumult Ghent 2017, presented in Design Museum Ghent.