Coordinated grounds


An installation, existing out of two-dimensional elements, is coating a space where the visitor seems to be unable to enter properly. Every detail was thought through until the space, which the visitor could enter, became almost unprocurable in its controllability. The images can be read, but the core of its meaning is difficult to acquire. This is the effect of the emotional removal whereby almost no tracks of the artist are to be found.

This 'not getting through' was exactly the feeling Flore had after a accident with her bike, where she was afterwards exposed to the power differences between police and citizen. The cause of the accident was a misplaced concrete block on her road. We travel through public space, where symbols guide us through the area. But when the symbols differ from their regulated form, or when they are misplaced, how are we to read them, and where do they guide us?

When recovering, Flore started walking through the streets. She collected the 'broken' symbols, trying to read them closely but did not found a new meaning. They started to be independent, even in their collection.

Coordinated grounds is showing three works who are all precisely reread symbols and plans. Non of the shapes are distorted from its original, they are only converted through another medium where she was able to read the symbol through an artistic act.

A piece of text she wrote, with a ruler on millimeter paper, is placed outside the installation. This comes with a series of drawings where she drew Google street views from the bicycle route the night of the accident.

This descriptive Dutch text is explaining the moment before and after the accident. The combination of this emotional and personal written text, and the almost mechanically hand-made images, overlap each other. They both try to get away from her feelings, but in the same time try to order them in their own way.


Coordinated grounds was the graduation project of her Graphic Arts Masters education in 2018, shown in Kask, School Of Arts, Ghent.




A hazy zone. An unreliable fragment.

Signaling while strolling.
Gathering. Collect and transport.
Disassemble. Disorganize.

Cautiously building up.

Cumulate and connect.

To coordinate, to ground.


A collage of imprecise areas

into a well-organized entity.



Text on graduation card

Coordinated grounds

8 digital prints, 9 drawings, 1 carpet, 1 documentation book
space, 4,5 m X 6 m
Mixed media